Fireworks Ordinance

The recently enacted township fireworks ordinance applies only to large displays of fireworks. This ordinance regulates large munitions that shoot upward and have the potential to spread both hot and cold debris over a wide area. This is a public safety threat to neighboring individuals and properties. This ordinance does not apply to small contained backyard displays that do not meet the definition of display fireworks in the ordinance. A copy of the ordinance is available in the township office on regular business days. As always, celebrate safely and enjoy.

Meetings & Buildings

Beginning Monday March 29 th all Union Township buildings are re-opened to the public with care to be used. Reservations for functions can be made with the office or the Fire Company. Also, all supervisors meetings are now available in person and no longer Zoom sessions. Also noted is that we are meeting March 29th at 6:00 PM and April 12th at 1 PM. This is off our regular 1st and third Monday of the month and is advertised as such.

Zoning Update

The township has now enacted our thorough and comprehensive update to our zoning and after 2 public hearings and legal advertisements the new zoning was enacted at our November 16th regular meeting. The text of the ordinance has been sent to the printer and copies will be available to the public in early December. If you need to see it for any reason the adopted and signed copy is available during regular business hours at the township office.

Thank you