About Our Township

Union Township is a second class township situated in the Big Valley in Mifflin County Pennsylvania. The township is governed by a 3 member board of Supervisors. Each member serves a 6 year term and 1 member is elected every 2 years. Union Township also operates a sanitary sewer plant serving the residents of our township. The plant is administered by a 5 member board all appointed by the supervisors to staggering 5 year terms. We also have a municipal zoning ordinance and a 5 member planning commission that recommends sub-division and land development plans to the supervisors. This board is appointed by the supervisors and serve staggered 4 year terms.

About our Office Complex

Our office is located at 95 North Penn Street in Belleville. The complex itself is the former Union Township Elementary School. This school was open from 1958 until 2014 when it was closed by the school district. The building was purchased by Union Township to be the new home of our offices and additional space for community rooms. Renovations began almost immediately and were extensive and some very painstaking. The floors had to be taken up and stripped of all the old asbestos floor tiling that had been there probably since the building opened. The inside structure of the building was well suited to our needs and each classroom was taken apart and re done to be used as efficient meeting and work space. Individual classrooms have been turned into offices for the sewer authority, tax collector and additional rooms are being re done during winter hours when time permits. The old bathrooms in the front of the building were re done to modern standards. And the plans for 2 additional bathrooms in the north end are now complete to serve the ballfields and activities that happen outside, such as the annual fireman’s carnival held in late July or early August every year. The first supervisors meeting was held here in a not yet completed building in October 2015. Many renovations were still in need at the time and some are continuing today in the back hall that is not yet a part of the public domain. Anyone who has ever gone to school here and have not been back to see what has been done, please stop in and take a look. We are proud of what it has become and also very proud of saving a very historic building that is a main stay of our town’s history.